And They're (You're) OFF!

Out of the gates!

Not us, you are! Look at this chart:

What an honor to begin to see it happen.  Thank you!

We hatched this idea to raise money for causes that were important to us, and you have begun to join us in that. It feels small. It feels like pennies, it is just pennies. It's just a penny per mile, what difference does it make.  But it is pennies, and it is pennies over miles, and miles, and miles. So when you look at this chart, it sneaks up on you, all of those pennies you have pledged add up to over $30,000.00 (assuming of course we successfully complete the 2,650 miles.  If you haven't joined in, come along for the ride!

And especial thanks to the people who have been willing to sponsor us to help offset cost related to this grand wild hair... 

- Compass Mortgage
- Complete Kitchen and Bath
- Fitniche
- Connor Construction
- Wingman Ministries
- Chick-Fil-A
- The Lakelander
- Little Ceasars
- Skin Strong

You are OFF! Soon enough, we will be... 


Vince Strawbridge