Lassen and Beyond

This past Monday we left home to begin our journey to hike the PCT as a family and hopefully raise lots of money for missions we love. 

We landed in Reno and drove north to take a few days to  "fun camp" (my kids' term for camping without too much hiking) in Lassen National Park before our official start date on July 2nd. At Mt. Lassen, we met our cousins (John, Kathy, Micah, Asher, and Kate Sweet) and did a 25-30 mile loop from the Summit Lake trailhead. With young kids, we were taking it pretty easy, but as usual, they exceeded our expectations. 

There were clear lakes every few miles, otherworldly volcanic dunes, and serene green forrests. There was also parched skin (California is humidity free), leeches, and mosquitoes that never slept. But the small inconveniences were no match for  the big and weighty beauty of the park and the sweet visit with family. 

Despite the great time we had, we were all still anxious about the larger hike at hand. When the climb was difficult, it was easy to think "six months of this?". When the ground felt hard, or a sibling was bothersome,  or greasy hair was just too gross, the doubts came in. Can we really do this way for the next few months? 

The truth is we don't know. We can't know what the future is going to bring, or if we can finish, but it seems the anxiety/dispair only goes when we take one day at a time and trust the whole thing to Providence himself. 

Today, we are driving north again to Portland for some recovery (real food, showers) and fun with Grammy and Grampy (who happen to be vacationing there this week). The land keeps getting greener and the anticipation builds as we drive. I couldn't be more excited! We start on Monday. We'll see what comes! 

- Monica