Are you you ready June?


We are walking the fingers at Carter Road and im asking June...

June do you think you are ready?

- No. 

Why not?  

- I don't know. I'm just really tired. 

Sleepy tired? 

- Walking tired. My legs are tired. 

You seem a lot stronger to me. Do you remember how hard the Suwannee was? 

- Yeah. 

What about the trip makes you excited?

- Getting to see new things. I have never been to Washington, Oregon, or California. Also, seeing lots of different animals, if there are any. 

Do you think this trip will be good for us?

- Yeah, it will make us see things in ourselves that we didn't know we're there. 

Like what? 

- Extra strength. If we can get along. That we can finish the trail and still have fun on it in spite of all the hard.  

Music really helps you doesn't it?

- Yes, it does. I really like our Trekkin' playlist.  

Which are some songs you love to hear when they start?

- Eye of the Hurricane. [David Wilcox]
- Girl in the War. [Josh Ritter]
- Detectorists Theme Song. [Johnny Flynn]
- Be Kind to Yourself. [Andrew Peterson]
- Something to Love. [Jason Isbell]

I am excited to take you on this trip. What will you miss the most?  

- Friends. Maggie, Boots, and Abby.  Cousins. Horses too.

Were you sad that we missed Nicaragua this year?

- Yeah, I was hoping to go. It's fun and I now have friends there. I'm sad that I didn't get to see them.  I wonder how they are affected by all the violence.  

We could ask Murray and Richard, but we are definitely going next year.

- But what if it's still happening next year. 

If I tried to sneak in, would you go with me? 

- Yeah. 

I guess June and I have 2019 summer plans. Who is coming?

June is inviting you to pledge #penniespermile to help provide t-shirts and soccer balls to each participant in our Nicaragua summer soccer camps in 2019.  Check out her video to learn more.