Are you ready Monica?


Monica is cutting Gwyn's hair, so I finally have a captive audience....

Monica, are you ready? 

- To cut Gwyn's hair, or to go on the PCT? No, I'm not ready.

You aren't ready? 

- Not yet, I'm gonna be ready in a few days. 

It's just a few last minute details to tie up and all is good? 

- As long as our bodies hold up. 

Oh, it seemed like you were experiencing a little bit of what someone might call anxiety. 

- Yeah, you could say that. I would say my stomach is in permanent butterfly mode. I am excited and nervous. I am excited to be out there and do the trail, and its really amazing that we might raise money for these causes. I am nervous about many things.  I am nervous about mountain lions.  I am nervous about our bodies hurting.  The kids bodies getting hurt more than ours. I am worried about having to quit. I am nervous that we aren't going to have uh... well, no, hang on... let me think.  I have so many things... This interview isn't long enough. 

Okay, I'll ask something else. With all the things you are nervous about, what is it that makes it worth it to try?

- The fun of it. Finishing the trail. Doing it with the kids. Adventure. Getting to eat Cliff Bars for six month (Just kidding).  

What do you hope for us to gain as a family through this experience?

- Bonding over a mission.  Enjoyment of beauty of God's world that he has made, with some wonder, glory, and worship. Some knowledge that we can do things that feel too big, or that God can carry us through. Ability to work through pain. There are fewer distractions. 

You have a marginally higher commitment to hygiene than Henry and I, what do you anticipate as you become a smelly beast of a thru hiker? 

- Uggghh.  I anticipate fighting for cleanliness. I may be in a bad mood. I don't know how to answer that. I anticipated really looking for opportunity for cleanliness. A lot of wipes and jumping in water sources. I hate sleeping sticky and sweaty. 

Have you thought about the bugs? 

- I plan on long sleeves, long pants and a head net. That is as far as my planning has gone. 

If you had to narrow your comfort items to just one, which would it be? 

- What are you considering a comfort item? Because a backpack and a sleeping bag are technically a comfort item. 

Why don't you name a few of the multitude of things in your backpack that I might consider a comfort item?

- I have a 2oz blow up pillow that you think is heavy, but I think is a great idea. I have soap and a microfiber cloth.  I have 3 pairs of socks. I have facewash in a 1oz container. I have a backup stove. I have instant coffee. Of all of those the one I would take the soap-and-cloth. 

(We are coming toward the end of Gwyn's haircut, we may be losing her.)

Hygiene for the win.

Monica has been tutoring in Parker Street Ministries after school program and would like to invite you to partner with her in supporting them.