Are you ready Henry?


In just six short days we'll be on a plane flying to the West Coast, are you ready Henry?

- No

Wait, Henry you're not ready for this? This whole thing was your idea.  

- No it wasn't, it started as a joke from you. 

I thought you liked jokes?  

- Not this type of joke.

So would you like us to leave you at home?

- Absolutely. 

Who would you like to stay with?  

- Anyone who will have me? 

Henry,  you know if you stay with someone else they'll make you use deodorant and take showers. 

- it's better than walking 2650 miles. 

It almost sounds to me like you care about hygiene.  

- That's not what I said.  I said it's better than walking. 

So, is it just the walking you have a problem with?  

- Mostly, but it's also being gone for five or six months. 

What are you worried about missing during this 5 or 6 months? 

- 5 months of real life, which is not hiking. 

So let me get this straight Henry, you are saying that you like deodorant, and showers, and real life. What do you think you will miss the most?

- Soccer probably. 

There are some things that you will enjoy on the trail, every time we go camping. What do you think you will enjoy on this trip?  

- Fishing and breaks. 

You might also see some pretty cool wildlife, and views that are stunning. 

- That stuff is still drowned out by hiking. 

So it seems like a whole lot of suffering  to you?  

- Yep. 

What if you're able to raise a lot of money to help build houses in Nicaragua, will that help?

- ...still thinking... that's just something I gain from hiking, I still don't want to hike.

Tell me about your decision to retire from life after your 13th birthday.  How is retirement going?  

- Can I go to sleep now? 

There you have it. Henry Strawbridge masking his enthusiasm for the hike with feigned disinterest. He is, after all, a teenager now.  Join him as he plods resistantlty down the trail, and comes to find joy in the hardship.