Are you ready Aiden?


Aiden, we are one week away from boarding the plane. Are you ready?

 - Yep!

Is there anything in particular you're looking forward to?

- Cooler weather and getting my braces off.

You get to pick where we walk tomorrow, where would you like to go?  

- Marshall Hampton Reserve. 

You are the boss for the day, why did you choose that place?  

- There are gators and it's a loop so you don't have to go straight out and come right back.

Do you feel like it's always your fault when you and Henry are fighting?

- Why is that question relevant to this interview? 

I'll ask the questions around here toot face! 

- Is that a question?   

Are you going to be this infuriating the entire way down the trail?  

- Not the whole way.  

What are you most excited about?  

- Walking across the finish line.  

Why is finishing the most exciting thing?  

- Because I like feeling accomplished. 

Why not just make your goal for the day to fix a bowl of cereal?  

- Cereal makes my stomach hurt. 

I guess you could go crazy and make yourself some scrambled eggs.  

- Remember that day when I made you cinnamon rolls and brought them to you in bed? 

I will ask the questions around here young lady.  

- Okay. 

Is there anything you're feeling apprehensive about?

- I'm kind of scared that Georgie will whine the whole way down the trail. 

That's funny, she said the same thing to me about you.  

- I don't believe it.   

You are 16, going on 17 .  You seem a bit naive. What do you think will be the most eye-opening experience on the trail for you?  

- Probably the experience of having to survive with what you have.  Being forced to live without extra things is something that most people don't usually have to do . Oh that's not true, I meant people in the US.

So you think boiling life down to the bare essentials will be the most impactful? 

- It's the eye-opening thing that I expect.  

Do you think if you just close your eyes you won't have to see it?  

- No, I think it'll have to catch up with me at some point, if not from the very beginning. 

Maybe if you run really fast ...  

- You're just trying to get me to do 30 miles a day.  

Okay folks, you heard it here first. Aiden wants to do 30 miles a day!  

Aiden Strawbridge everybody!  Join her in this walk to support in the fight against human trafficking...

If you haven't seen her video, check it out: