Gone Fishin'?

The only, and I mean the only, thing that has brightened Henry the Homebody's outlook on a 5 month hike has been 8oz worth of fishing pole. A Tenkara rod is a lightweight Japanese version of what we central Florida fishing types might call a bream buster. It's essentially a telescoping fly rod (or cane pole) without a reel. It collapses to between 18" and 20". 

We have begun testing the rod around the ponds. Henry and Georgie are getting better at the cast. The leader size and bait will change, but we have haf fun and caught a few bass here and there. 

After getting into a school of 12" bass chasing shad, Henry asked:

- How big are the fish on the PCT?

- Are we going to catch bass or what kind of fish?

- Are we going to fish every day?

- I still don't want to go, but if I have to go, I am gonna fish.

Vince Strawbridge