June and Nica Soccer

January born June

She is a mass of emotion. She is a lover of animals and children.  When we asked June what she wanted to raise money for with her hike. She said, "For t-shirts and soccer balls for our Nicaragua soccer camps, because I like how happy it makes them."

Junie Bizzle Buggle Boo

Nothing comes easy for June.   Because of the struggle, there is strength of will. June doesn't even play organized soccer anymore, but when she plays soccer with the older kids, she calls boldly for the ball. She is courageous.

June Bug

In Nicaragua, she doesn't play soccer, or lead drills. She carries water. She fills water bottles. She carries babies. She leads ring around the rosie (ring a ring of roses). She doesn't really love soccer, but she loves people and the joy that soccer brings them.  

Take a minute to watch her video, and consider partnering with her on her big walk.  

Vince Strawbridge