Vince: Clarifying misconceptions of the crowdfunding kind.

Not that there is anything wrong that.

Believe me there is a violent resistance in the purist thru-hiking community that I don't share when it comes to crowd funding. I can certainly conceive of a scenario where it would be appropriate to go to a crowd funding model to make it possible to do the hike, but this is not what we are doing... 

A couple of helpful definitions as I am using the words...
Pledge Partner: You, when you pledge money toward one of the 6 causes we have selected.
Sponsor: Business or otherwise helping to offset the cost of our trip w/ good or service.

It occurs to me that there is a misconception about the nature of our solicitation of pledges of support.  And I am sure the fault is mine in the lack of clarity of communication. 

When we invited you to 'Join US' we are not asking you to help us to pay for the trip. We are inviting you to participate in supporting one of six causes we have selected. 100% of your pledge will directly benefit that cause. 

The inception of this idea took place over an conversation that included one of those 'how on earth are we going to pay for this?' moments.  'GO FUND ME' was suggested with the idea that "People will want to follow this kind of thing." That's what got me 2 brain cells bouncing off of each other long enough to create the spark of this idea, "If people would find this kind of an adventure interesting enough to follow, maybe, just maybe, we could invite them to participate with us in a fun way in supporting a cause that is dear to our heart." 

That trailed into a "Hold it there a second, fella.  There are six of us with different causes that have tugged our hearts in different directions." 

So I sat the kids down and asked, "If there were anything in the world you would like to raise money for, what would it be?"

And when you go to 'Join Us' you will see where they landed, and why.  A word of caution: don't go too crazy with your pledge. I mean, we don't want you rooting for us not to make the 2,650 miles. But please know that even if you don't pledge to support one of these causes, we will be very honored to have you follow along. 

As I reflect, it may be the Sponsor relationships that people see on the bottom of the page that have fueled the confusion? Well, the sponsor thing is a bit different. These are relationships where people/companies have come alongside us to help reduce the stress of the scramble for us, in one way or another, from a financial perspective. Each of those Sponsors have come alongside us in a significant way to help offset the cost of the trip with money, good, or service. And we couldn't do it without them!  Big shout to them all.

- Compass Mortgage
- Complete Kitchen and Bath
- Fitniche
- Connor Construction
- Wingman Ministries
- The Lakelander
- Little Ceasars
- Skin Strong

And you can thank them for us by utilizing the services they provide.

That's not to say of course we aren't sweating a few bullets as the start date approaches.

If you want join us as a Sponsor, we do have a few slots left. Shoot us an email.


Vince Strawbridge