Video: What's in Georgie's pack?

Georgie took some time to go through her pack and explain what's in it. 

Here is a look inside Georgie's lightweight backpack. 

When you are contemplating a trip with kids there is a delicate dance of whose misery you anticipate causing the most problem. Do you load yourself down and let the kids off the hook? Carrying the misery in your legs and bones. Or do you load them down with their own stuff, and carry the weight in your ears and your soul as you work to endure the pain of their pain? 

With this long a walk, our kids will be asked to carry their own weight. We have made a lot of changes in Georgie's gear, and will make a few more (primarily clothing at this point) to continue to make her experience the best balance of comfort as she walks and comfort in the experience. 

Thanks for watching. 

Vince Strawbridge