Aiden: The Florida Trail

   This trip was better than the last I think. My attitude was significantly better this time, and I pride myself on not crying what Dad calls "crocodile tears." We got to see what the hiking would be like when friends choose to come, and got to experience the kindness of Trail Angels. When we saw Randy Madison, coming to pick us up, Henry and I agreed, it was the most beautiful sight we had seen the whole trip. Now I realize that was not entirely true, because the ice coating everything on the last morning was breathtaking to this Floridian. We have all agreed that gloves are absolutely necessary to add to the gear list as well as rain pants, better rain jackets, and better puffy jackets for those of us with the less effective ones. Lunch is still my favorite part of the day, and I expect it will stay that way. I think we may need a lot more audiobooks.


Vince Strawbridge