Henry: All about a ride

This Christmas my dad took us to the Florida Trail to practice for our big hike. Our goal was to hike one hundred miles. At the start, for the first twenty miles of the hike we were accompanied by my cousin Silas, Uncle Stephen, and our friends, the Hunt family.

The first night it was relatively cold, and there were not enough tents so my dad and my sister Georgie slept outside under a tarp. I didn't envy them. The next day at lunch the Hunt's and my cousin and Uncle left us at a camp we'd been to before when we had paddled the Suwannee.  The next day we met a man named Randy who offered us a place to stay! But of course dad said, "No," and we kept on hiking. Later that night my dad told us we had done 21.1 miles in one day! I couldn't believe it. The next two days [one day] were pretty monotonous because the trail was taken into a pine forest which went on for about 30 [2] miles. The last night was the coldest night of all! It was 28 degrees!

That morning we woke up to rain. It continued for two hours.  Finally, we got up and walked into a town. There we were all pleased to hear that dad had gotten a-hold of Randy and he was coming to pick us up early. I still think Randy's car was the most beautiful site all trip!


Vince Strawbridge