Quotes: What the friends say...

When people find out we are attempting the PCT, some respond with wonder, some with admiration, and many with less than approval. Here are a few of my favorite. 


"How are you responding to all of the people who think this is a terrible idea?"

"I have only had one person say it was a bad idea."

"Clearly you haven't talked to the people I've been talking to." - Uncle Ted 

"Why?" - 9 out of every 10

"I would love to do that with my family if I could take the time off." - 1 out every 10

"You've had the weekend to get this out of your system. You still wanting to figure out how to do this?" - Brad 

"You know what's great about this?  We can ask you to be our trail coordinator and never have to reciprocate, because we would be terrible at it." 

"That is true. I think you are safe there." - Creigh 

"I don't like how self-promotional this feels."

"That's because it is self-promotional." - Jamie 

"You are taking a gun and a SAT phone, right?"  - Ed 

"I have a crazy idea to run by you." 

"The crazy part was implied." - Scott

"I am going to talk to your dad about this, I am not letting this happen."  - Regan (Aiden's Friend)

"Dude, you are crazy. I'm glad I have a friend who is willing to do something that insane." - Lee 

"This isn't the worst idea you've every had." - Uncle Bill 

Vince Strawbridge