George: In the Foothills

Thoughts on November 27, 2017

We went to North Carolina and South Carolina for a practice camping trip. We went 76.2 miles in 5 days. The hardest part was the first day even though it had less mileage than the rest of the week. My favorite part was when we saw a sign that said 0.5 left to go. I started running!

The first day was the hardest because I was not used to going 15 miles a day. Then there was somebody at the campsite we were going to camp at, so we kept going for another half mile. Then to top it all off it rained that night and I was freezing.  I finally got warm at dawn and Dad said we had to get up and go.

Thoughts on November 29, 2017

The easiest day was the last day because we only had 9 miles instead of 15. Also I had the motivation to get home to Thanksgiving. 

Thoughts from December 6, 2017 

My favorite food on the trail is the Snickers bars, the trail mix, and the sandwiches.  My least favorite are the Cliff bars, but its only because we have them a lot. On the Foothills Trail we had snacks for breakfast, and for lunch we had cooked meals.  Finally we had sandwiches for dinner. I think dinner is my favorite meal.