Vince: Families on the PCT

In an attempt to encourage my kids (and myself) that this thru hike is doable, I have been trying to find some good precedent. Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot out there if you are looking for precedent for families attempting a thru hike on the Pacific Crest Trail.  

Someone in a Facebook forum sent me searching for the Brit Family Robinson. And what I found was the hilarious  One of the kids named her sleeping bag, "Farty Seal 350". And among her lengthy instructions for protocol when encountering rattle snakes, she suggests that you shouldn't use your children as a human shield. Henry was inspired. It's well worth the read. They emailed me back and said that getting the kids to update the blog was harder than keeping them walking. They also said that they more or less "winged it". I was inspired. 

Another couple walked the trail with their 10 year old. The video is available on Youtube. It had a little more of the pain of it involved, but Mary Chambers reminded my kids of Anne of Green Gables as she is portrayed in "Anne with an E".  

Vince Strawbridge