Gear: fitniche fun for the foothills...

A huge thank you to Wendy and Sean of fitniche fame for taking the time to fit us for shoes as we prep to rush out the door this weekend to the Foothills Trail for a thru hike.


We are taking off this weekend for a Thanksgiving thru hike on the Foothills Trail that weaves in and out of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. It is 76 miles of trail and will be a fantastic hike in its own right. Monica completed the hike earlier this year with a friend (Creigh Brown, our trail coordinator), so she will be our guide and inspiration. 

I thought, if possible, it would be good to start testing some of the equipment for the pct hike on this trip.  When i reached out to Rich (founder of fitniche), he invited us into the store for a fitting.


The kids all loved the experience. Wendy and Sean evaluated each of us to find the best shoe for us. They were very engaged and encouraging about our upcoming adventures. As a fun aside, Sean's daughter is often mistaken for Georgie, so Georgie has a doppelganger in Lakeland. 

This is Georgie pictured, not Sean's daughter... 

This is Georgie pictured, not Sean's daughter... 

Georgie is in some Altra's of the women's variety. 

June and Aiden landed in Hoka's. June in men's for a little extra width. 

Henry in New Balance. 

Monica is waiting on some men's Altra's, so she will have to wait for the Christmas trip to try them out.  

And I, well... If you size up as recommended for distance walking, it puts me in a 16 shoe. Surprisingly, there aren't that many around. Sean did some digging and found several pair. Looks like I'll be in Altra and New Balance. 


Maybe the coolest moment of the day, and maybe Aiden and I are the last people on the planet to know about it, but... Lace locking? For the love of all that's holy, how have I not known about this?  That alone would have made the trip worth while. 

We are feeling confirmed and grateful in our decision to work with fitniche to supply  and resupply our footwear on the trail. There is just something about feeling like there will be a real place for our trail coordinator to go for resupply, and real people on the other end of the phone that know us and would be genuinely concerned to help us if we need to make adjustments along the way.