Vince: Top Shelf Weight Loss

We don't shop the top shelf. I mean, we have never owned a vehicle that was newer than 10 years old. It's just a strange place to be.

In other words.  A seventy-five dollar sleeping bag has always been fine with me. It may pack a little heavy and pack a little large, but nine times out of ten I'll take the cost savings all day long and twice on Sunday. I think this may be the tenth time.  I was listening to the radio the other day and in a weight loss commercial they said that for every one pound you lose you reduce the stress on your knees by four pounds.  Call me a "weight weenie" (a new backpacker term I've learned), but if I can cut weight, I think it will add up to a lot less pain over the course of 2,650 miles. 

If I wanted a sleeping bag that would fit me that was twenty degree bag from WalMart it would weigh 49oz with a pack size of 8x8x16.

By contrast a popular quilt for the PCT is the Revelation by Enlightened Equipment that would fit me would weigh in at a 21oz. and pack down to the size of my two fists. 

As you can imagine, looking for lighter weight (without sacrificing performance) costs money. So in an unusual (for me) moment, I'm shopping on the top shelf. You get what you pay for in this case, and when you use six as a multiplier it is a scary prospect. But here we go!

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