Georgie // Third Millennium

Georgie is a kid magnet, and she loves them. When we are in Nicaragua she abandons her soccer for 'ring around the rosy' ad nauseum. It has been a difficult process for her to settle on something to support (she likes to get it RIGHT). She always hovered around something for children. At some point she took a step back for the 30,000 ft view, and had an 'aha' moment:

Teaching pastors to teach congregations changes hearts and lives, and the children are the beneficiaries. 

My dad asked me what I wanted to raise money for and I told him Third Mill... I like the idea because when people come to know Jesus it changes the way they act.

Third Millennium Ministries' mission is to prepare Christian leaders to lead a transformation of the world into God's Kingdom by providing biblical education, for the world, for free.

Join Georgie in supporting Third Millennium Ministries.

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