A Family Journey

About Us


We are a family of six, from Lakeland, FL.  This early summer we are setting out to hike the Pacific Crest Trail southbound. It all started when we went backpacking with our friends, the Browns.  Somewhere between a growing appreciation for the value of disconnecting from the mayhem of crazy schedules by reconnecting to the bigger rhythms of life through nature and recognizing that our kids will soon be grown and gone, the idea of attempting a thru hike was born.  And when it came, it came on suddenly and felt right. When Uncle Bill said, "This isn't the worst idea you've every had," we knew we were onto something. The truth is that while no time really is "right" for this kind of thing. This is as good as any.  If not now, then when? So... here we go!

As a family we are actively involved in our church and our community in different ways. This inspired us to sit with our children and ask them, "If you could raise money for anything in the world with this hike, what would it be?"  It is our hope that as you follow us down the trail that you will also partner with us to support one (or six) of the causes we have selected. 




AKA:  Aidinho, Aido


The first born. She is never not working. She races between school and soccer and babysitting gigs. She has abandoned the home school scene for Bartow I.B. program. It's hard work and she enjoys it. As a soccer player she is perpetually clawing her way in.  She's a protector  and an orchestrator. She speaks her mind.  She is artistic and creative. Aiden wants to journal a drawing a day on the way down the trail.



AKA:  June Bug, Polar Bear


The animal whisperer. June knows the personalities of each of our twenty chickens, six bee hives, two goats, and our sheep. She is the resident philosopher, theologian, and stater of the obvious. She rides horses. She insists on choosing the music. When she is excited the whole city knows. When she is upset, the whole state knows. June is excited to walk five months in exchange for missing two months of school. Math is not her thing. 



AKA:  Hen, H ... All time Forward


Henry is precocious and full of pester. He is quiet and observant. He is clever and subtle. He doesn't like showers. He loves the adventure only after the adventure has begun. Until then, he resists the strange and new. He plays the piano, and pecks out songs by ear (thanks Lala Land). His soccer personality is just like his older sister, more the chess player than the wrecking ball. He has recently learned to slide tackle, and use deodorant.



AKA:  Georgie, Georgious


Georgie is a perfectionist. She is kind, unless you try to wake her early. She is mischievous. She is an artist. She plays soccer just like her older siblings. She has curly red hair and it doesn't define her, but it does identify her. Georgie loves apples. 



Monica is an amazing (home) school teacher, but she doesn't know it. She is a good and loyal friend, but she doesn't know it. She makes a beautiful chore chart, and the kids love the artistry as much as they hate the chores. Monica did not approve a back yard full of farm animals. She doesn't like rabbit and chicken poop on the front walk.  She loves a good long grueling walk in the woods. And she picks out music from the first note, so she makes a great music trivia teammate. We are just glad she's our teammate. 



Vince is first and foremost an adventurer. He has the unique ability to make miserable things that have to be done a fun experience (maybe tailor-made for the PCT). He is a patient father who can withstand a temper tantrum without losing it or giving in. He's one of those people that gets so excited about things he forgets to eat. He can say no to himself. He hates paperwork. He loves people (the more the merrier) and getting to help someone in need.