A Family Journey

2018 Pacific Crest Trail Thru Hike



It was because our kids were getting older and would be gone. It was because the homeschooling lifestyle affords the opportunity.  It was because of the joy it brings Monica. The harder the miles the happier she is. It is because God made a beautiful world, and we want our kids to take it in. We want them to take it in slowly. We want them to be immersed in it. We want to share simple and clear hardship and triumph with them. We want to see them lose heart and regain it when they have none to give. We want them to see us lose heart and regain it when we have nothing left to give. We are excited for them to have the joy of connecting their success in this endeavor to service in the world.  


We have each selected a cause to support with Our walk.

Aiden decided to give to fight human trafficking and slavery.

June decided to give Nicaraguan kids soccer balls and t-shirts of their own at our annual summer camps. 

Henry decided to build homes in Nicaragua with the miles he walks. He wants families to have concrete floors instead of dirt. 

Georgie wanted pastors to have free access to biblical training.  Her steps will fund the advancement of the good news of Jesus. 

Monica decided to support reconciliation and revitalization in the Parker Street Neighborhood. 

Vince wanted no child at Lakeland Tropics FC to miss out on organized soccer because of money. 

We set lofty goals. Those goals were not entirely met, but we were able to raise a significant amount of money for good causes. Take a look at where we ended up:


We left home at the end of June to begin our trip as soon as the snow melted at Hart Pass in order to walk south.  We were able to beat the winter snow pack to make the 1900 miles out of the southern Sierras by early October, and continued south to the Mexican border for the completion of the total 2650 miles. 

Thank you for joining us in this journey.